Hidden Gems in Pitt Meadows

Did you just buy your dream home in Pitt Meadows and are looking for great hidden gems to explore in the area? Well lucky for you, the WyantCraig Group has the perfect list of spots around the area for you to enjoy!

Below are just a few of the many things you can do in Pitt Meadows:

  1. Leghorn Ranch - Enjoy trail rides, summer camps, birthday parties and spring camps at Leghorn Ranch Vancouver Horseback Riding! So don’t be shy! Adventure with a number of experienced guides who take you through the scenic routes this beautiful ranch has to offer.
  2. Blue Heron Winery - Sip some local made-in house wine, right here in Pitt Meadows! 
  3. Hopcott Farms - Come out and surround yourself with the friendly atmosphere of Hopcott Farms, where you can enjoy delicious food from their Bistro or shop at their market! They truly have everything you could ever want at this farm.
  4. Meadow Gardens Golf Club - Go out to play a game of golf and dine at one of the two restaurants they have to offer!

So whether you’re looking to browse at your local farmer market at Hopcotts Farms or play a round of golf on a Sunday afternoon at the Meadow Gardens Golf Club, Pitt Meadows has a variety of gems to choose from!If you have any hidden gems of your own in Pitt Meadows, share them with us! And as always if you have any questions about Real Estate, whether that be buying or selling. Reach out to us! We love taking care of what matters most to our clients!